Why us

Ospitalitatea, un stil de viata

You are special and we want you to feel that every minute of your stay in Zara Chalet in Bran. Time flows lazily here and I convinced it to pass slowly through the day or night to offer you long evenings and mornings of relaxation. Silence, peace and harmony can be felt in every room, in the courtyard, in the relaxation areas created especially for reconnection, as well as in the SPA area.

Our success is due to the satisfaction of our customers. The exclusive appearance and comfortable luxury are complemented by the excellence of the accommodation services. We bring joy and this is our greatest satisfaction.

Every detail has been studied and included artistically and functionally both in the accommodation rooms of the chalet in Bran and in the relaxation spaces. Natural and elegant combine to offer a unique, vibrant accommodation experience.

Exclusivity and sublime relaxation

Zara Chalet in Bran is the place where tradition, luxury and elegance are found in the rigorously studied details and combined to create a spectacular accommodation space. Natural materials are harmoniously complemented by technology, each accommodation room being the ideal expression of hospitality.

Luxury chalet


Quality time


Electrifying charm

A perfect experience

Retreat to the spa area and relax, retreat and charge yourself with positive energy. We will surprise you with a setting specially created for the harmony of body and soul. We have prepared a refuge that will bring you benefits through the healing power of water and through a spectacular design.

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